ZBNF Desi Cows
Desi Cow Breeds

From basis our culture's has been our Indian Agriculture mehtods and Cow Dynasty. Cow Dung is conisdered to be Gold Mine as it contains crores of bacteria, which helps in maintain the fertility power of the land continuously. The number of these bacteria in Indian breed cows is several hundred times more than in foreign breeds. We are looking at the present plight of the farmer from the current agriculture based on the external inputs and various agrochemicals. Due to this the farming cost of the farmer is large, production decreased and the farmer became indebted and gradually left farming and migrated to the city in search of other employment.

Subhash Palekar Natural farming is chemical-free, cost-based work, maintaining the fertility of the land and increasing the income of the farmer. The basis of this farming system is 'cow dung and urine of Indian breed'. By this method of cow based farming, work cost decreases and poison free farming done, in which the farmer has the ability to double or more the income of the gardener.

All Indian Cow Breeds are suitable for ZBNF.
One gram of desi cow dung contains 300 to 500 crores of beneficial effective microbes.
These micro-organisms decompose the dried biomass on the soil and make available the nutrients to the plants.
Dung and urine from one desi cow is sufficient to cultivate 30 acres of land in ZBNF.