ZBNF Brahmastra
It is used to control all of the sucking pests, pod borer, fruit borer etc

Materials Required for Bramhastra Preparation:

  • Take a mud pot and add 10 liters Local Cow Urine in it.
  • Then, crush 3 Kg of Neem Leaves and add this Neem pulp in this water then Add 2 Kg pulps of Sitafal (Custard apple) leaves, 2 Kg pulps of Papaya leaves, 2 Kg Pomegranate leaves pulp, 2 Kg of Guava leaves or a guava pulp, 2 Kg Lantana Camellia leaves pulp and 2Kg of White Dhatura leaves Pulp in to it (use Lantana Camella and Dhatura leaves only if available during Bramstra preparation).
  • Boil this solution for 5 times and filter using a muslin cloth.
  • Let this solution to ferment for 24 Hrs and the natural pesticide is ready for use.
  • Spray this medicine on the trees to control all the sucking pests, pod borer, fruit borer, etc
  • Spray Bramhastra 2 liter in the 100-liter water or 2% spray in the fields.

Videos on Bramhastra ZBNF Practices